Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dinair and OCC Skin Swatches Plus Some MAC Comparisons

When I was thinking about getting some of the Dinair airbrush makeup a few months ago I was really disappointed that I couldn't find any swatches of anything online. So hopefully this will help some of you who may be thinking about trying out a different brand of airbrush makeup and want to see what the colors look like.

The next swatches are airbrushed fairly heavily. (I used about half a drop of each)

The shimmer that you can see in the Peach Pink swatch is from the Light Bronze that is next to it.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I've never heard of airbrush make up before. This is interesting. :)

    MAC is a tad too thick for my liking. I lean towards NARS more but their shadows are great though! It's the blush that I'll take a pass on.

    I'm going to look up airbrush make up.

    Great post!

    Love from California! <3

  2. Thanks soooo much!! It's so frustrating not finding any swatches and not having a place to go see the colors in person.

    I purchased OCC in Y1 several months ago, but it seems a little too orange on me. It's great to see how it compares to Dinair's colors.

    Fantastic post!!

  3. This was a GREAT and extremely helpful post!
    I'm MAC NW15, and Dinair "matched" me with golden and olive shades - I think not.
    I'll probably have to do some mixing to get my perfect shade, but I can live with that.



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