Sunday, October 10, 2010

IMATS Sydney Part Two

Next up is Make Up For Ever. They didn't have the whole range of products so I ended up only picking up 5 things. I got the HD Blush in #13, the Aqua Creams in #3, #6, #19 and the HD Microfinish Powder (not pictured).

The Aqua Creams are absolutely wonderful as eyeshadow bases. They do not move or crease which is something I was really worried about. I wore the #3 silver from 7am till 10pm and it still looked exactly the same as when I first put it on in the morning! I also used #6 fresh pink as a blush and it didn't fade at all. I will definitely be purchasing more asap!

The HD Blush was great as well, although it does have a scent that you can definitely smell when applying it. It wasn't unpleasant to me at all in fact I loved it but I can see other people hating it. I'll be picking up more of those as well.

At Makeup and Glow I got some more OCC Lip Tars (swatches below), Brush Guards and the Graftobian Walk Around Airbrush System. And to go with the airbrush I got the Graftobian Anti-Shine HD Foundation Primer, Nurturing Force Airbrush Cleaner and the OCC Yellow Based Skintone Airbrush Foundation Mini Set. Somehow I've already managed to lose most of the Brush Guards so I'll definitely be ordering more of those.

When I arrived back home from Sydney I found that Anime had leaked everywhere! Its still leaking so I have to have it sitting upright because otherwise it just goes all over everything. I've probably lost so much product already, I need to find a container I can transfer it into. It is my absolutely favorite lip color of all time though!

Look at all the product in the cap!

I got a few brushes from Royal & Langnickel and I love most of them!
My favourites are the Super Eye Fluff (I can't find this on the website but its the MAC 227 dupe) and the Flat Smudger. The one I don't like is the Bent Eyeliner Brush. The bristles were already frayed when I took it out of the packet! Some of the brushes in the pictures are dirty, I took these just before I cleaned them.

I also picked up 3 brushes from Hakuhodo, The G527, S103 and another one that I couldn't find on the website but its a tiny pencil brush. These are amazing! The pencil brush is perfect for applying eyeshadow in the inner eye area because for some reason the MAC 219 would really irritate my eye and make it water like crazy but this one doesn't! I've been using the G527 to buff on Studio Fix Powder Foundation and it works like a dream, and the S103 is perfect for contouring or highlighting.

I also got 2 YSL Rouge Volupte Lipsticks. I didn't get these at IMATS I actually got them at duty free at Sydney airport. I'm still not quite sure how I feel about them, I've got really dry lips and these only seem to make them worse.

The service I received at the YSL Counter at the Sydney airport was atrocious. I waited for 10 minutes at the till and it didn't seem like any staff were around, until I looked about 5 metres down. Now the staff there had been watching me the whole time and it seemed like they only worked at the counter they were at. Well it turns out they do the YSL counter as well and I had to walk down to them and ask them if they would serve me. But of course they had no problem helping some older ladies who came after me and made me wait until they were done. It was absolutely ridiculous and if I hadn't wanted these lipsticks really bad I would have marched right out of there!

And that concludes part two! Sorry for the long post everyone, I really appreciate you all continuing to read my blog!

Thanks for looking!

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